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1. By using and/or visiting any section (including sub-domains) of the www.superstarmatka.com website or any other websites or applications that we own (the “Website”) and/or registering on the Website, you agree to be bound by (i) these Terms and Conditions; (ii) our Privacy Policy applicable to our betting or gaming products as further referenced at paragraph 2 below (together the "Terms"), and are deemed to have accepted and understood all the Terms.
Please read the Terms carefully and if you do not accept the Terms, do not use the Website. The Terms shall also apply to all telephone betting and betting or gaming via mobile devices including downloadable applications to a mobile device (as if references to your use of the Website were references to your use of our telephone betting and/or mobile devices betting facilities).
2. We may need to change the Terms from time to time for a number of reasons. All changes will be published on the Website. The most up to date Terms will be available on the Website. If any change is unacceptable to you, you should cease using the Website and/or close your account. If, however, you continue to use the Website after the date on which the changes to the Terms come into effect, you will be deemed to have accepted those changes.
3. Reference to "you", "your" or the "customer" is reference to any person using the Website or the services of Superstarmatka and/or any registered customer of Superstarmatka.
4. As you are aware, the right to access and/or use the Website (including any or all of the products offered via the Website) may be illegal in certain countries. You are responsible for determining whether your accessing and/or use of the Website is compliant with applicable laws in your jurisdiction and you warrant to us that gambling is not illegal in the territory where you reside.
5. Superstarmatka is committed to providing excellent customer service. As part of that commitment, Superstarmatka is committed to supporting responsible gambling. Although Superstarmatka will use its reasonable endeavours to enforce its responsible gambling policies, Superstarmatka does not accept any responsibility or liability if you nevertheless continue gambling and/or seek to use the Website with the intention of deliberately avoiding the relevant measures in place and/or Superstarmatka is unable to enforce its measures/policies for reasons outside of Superstarmatka’s reasonable control.
6. All customers are requested to update your Bank Account with IFSC code in your Profile before remittances. It's mandatory kindly cooperate. Kindly note for all Withdrawing transactions 2% of transactional charges will be applicable.
1. Application
1.1 All applicants must be over 18 years of age and of legal capacity to place a bet/wager or register with Superstarmatka. Superstarmatka reserves the right to ask for proof of age from any customer and suspend their account until satisfactory documentation is provided.
1.2 All information supplied when registering with the site MUST be accurate and complete in all respects. Where this is not the case, we reserve the right to suspend the account and treat any deposits into the gambling account as being invalid (and any winnings arising from such deposit as void). Where an account is suspended, the relevant customer should Contact Us.
1.3 By accepting the Terms and/or registering to use the Website you hereby agree that we shall be entitled to conduct any and all such identification, credit and other verification checks from time to time that we may require and/or by the relevant regulatory authorities for use of the Website and our products generally. You agree to provide all such information as we require in connection with such verification checks. We shall be entitled to suspend or restrict your account in any manner that we may deem in our absolute discretion to be appropriate, until such time as the relevant checks are completed to our satisfaction.
1.4 As part of the registration process, we may supply your information details to authorised credit reference agencies to confirm your identity and payment card details. You agree that we may process such information in connection with your registration.
1.5 Customers may open only one account. Should we identify any customer with more than one account we reserve the right to treat any such accounts as one joint account.
1.6 Customers must keep their registration and account details up to date. This, and your account information, may be amended in the Personal section of the Website. If you require any assistance, please Contact Us.
2. Account Details
2.1 Superstarmatka allows all its customers to choose their own username and password combination. Customers must keep this information secret and confidential as you are responsible for all bets/wagers placed on your account and any other activities taking place on your account.
2.2 Bets will stand if your username and password have been entered correctly, subject to there being sufficient funds in the account.
2.3 If, at any time, you feel a third party is aware of your user name and/or password you should change it immediately via the Website. Should you forget part or all of your combination, please Contact Us.
2.4 For bets placed by telephone, you are responsible for all transactions where your name and account number or name and username are correctly quoted (whether or not authorised by you). If you nominate another person as an authorised user of your account, you shall be responsible for all transactions such person makes using the relevant account details. Should you lose your account details or feel that someone else may have your account details, please Contact Us.
2.5 The current balance and transaction history of your account may be viewed at any time once you have logged into your account on the Website.
3. Suspension and Closure
3.1 If you want to close your account, please Contact Us. Any negative balance on your account will fall immediately due and payable to Superstarmatka and your account will not be closed until the relevant amount owed to Superstarmatka is paid in full.
3.2 Superstarmatka reserves the right to close or suspend your account at any time and for any reason. Without limiting the preceding sentence, Superstarmatka shall be entitled to close or suspend your account if:
(a) you become bankrupt;
(b) Superstarmatka considers that you have used the Website in a fraudulent manner or for illegal and/or unlawful or improper purposes;
(c) Superstarmatka considers that you have used the Website in an unfair manner, have deliberately cheated or taken unfair advantage of Superstarmatka or any of its customers or if your account is being used for the benefit of a third party.
3.3 If Superstarmatka closes or suspends your account for any of the reasons referred to in (a) to (c) above, you shall be liable for any and all claims, losses, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses incurred or suffered by Superstarmatka (together “Claims”) arising therefrom and shall indemnify and hold Superstarmatka harmless on demand for such Claims. In the circumstances referred to in (a) to (c) above, Superstarmatka shall also be entitled to withhold and/or retain any and all amounts which would otherwise have been paid or payable to you (including any winnings or bonus payments).

Dear All,
This is a Premium category website. Please co-operate.
We are accepted minimum 1000/- Every Deposit 25/- deducted by us..
1000/- minimum withdrawal approved....2% tax applicable every wit-drawling......
Withdrawling approve time 11:30 AM to 05:00 PM
kindly maintain your id with minimum 1000/-....
and please bid your game before last 15 minutes mention on site timing...
and this listed black days at our side so we don't do payment on this days like thursday,saturday and sunday
approved days monday, tuesday, wednesday and friday............
All customers are requested to update your Bank Account with IFSC code in your Profile before remittances. It's mandatory kindly cooperate.
Kindly note for all Withdrawling transactions 2% tax will be applicable.

Purchase of lottery from this website is strictly prohibited in the states where lotteries are banned.
You must be above 18 years to play Online Lottery.
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